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  • What ıs lıposuctıon, who can get ıt and how ıs ıt done?

    Liposuction, in other words, the method of removing fat, which has accumulated in certain parts of the body (face, hips, thighs, abdomen) and does not respond to slimming methods such as diets, is a professional method for the elimination of resistant fat tissues and thus shaping the body lines. This fat elimination method aims to […]

  • What ıs Ultrashape V3, How To Apply and To Whom Can It Be Applıed?

    Ultrashape V3, which is one of the spot slimming methods, consists of dissolving by fragmenting and eliminating stubborn fat that does not react to slimming methods carried out by incumbents to lose fat and slim. The Ultrashape V3 method ensures that body fat is removed and the body gains a streamlined shape. Ultrashape V3 is […]

  • What Spot Slımmıng Treatments are avaılable?

    Reducing stubborn fat that has accumulated in various parts of the body that fails to respond to weight loss activities such as sports, dieting and other methods is called spot slimming. Spot slimming treatments are varied, and their aim is not weight loss. Such methods aim to reduce accumulated fat in the body. The person […]