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What is Ultrashape V3, How To Apply and To Whom Can It Be Applied?

Ultrashape V3, which is one of the spot slimming methods, consists of dissolving by fragmenting and eliminating stubborn fat that does not react to slimming methods carried out by incumbents to lose fat and slim. The Ultrashape V3 method ensures that body fat is removed and the body gains a streamlined shape.

Ultrashape V3 is a method that melts and breaks down fat with ultrasonic sound waves. This method can be applied to the arms, legs, buttocks, back and waist areas of the body. Ultrasonic technology breaks down the membranes of fat cells and in a sense liquefies them. These liquefied fat cells are excreted through the body’s metabolic events. This treatment leaves no marks on the skin, with some exceptions. Only some patients can have temporary redness and bruising. The person to whom Ultrashape V3 treatment will be applied should be very careful about his weight. The worst case scenario is when a person’s weight is close to his body mass index. In addition, the person should not be pregnant, should not be breastfeeding or should not have diseases such as diabetes. However, people who regularly exercise, diet regularly and have normal weight can benefit from this treatment method. Age is not a factor that determines whether it is possible to benefit from this treatment. The elderly can also benefit from this treatment. Gender is not an issue either to benefit from ultrashape V 3 treatment. The person can benefit from the treatment as long as he maintains his form. Better efficiency from the treatment is achieved if the sessions are held at 15-20 day intervals. One session takes about 1-1.5 hours. You will notice the first results within 2 weeks of the first session, but permanent results will be visible with the last session. Generally, patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during treatment, however sometimes there may be minor pain or tingling.
It should not be forgotten that the ultrashape V3 treatment method is a method developed to get rid of stubborn fat. People who want to have this treatment should not consider it for weight loss. This treatment method is not designed to lose weight. It is applied to lose fat that disfigures the shape of the body and does not respond to slimming efforts. If you want the treatment to be permanent after all the sessions are completed, you should maintain your weight.