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What is the Cold Lipolysis Method?

Cold lipolysis method, which is also known as freeze slimming method, is a slimming method that is applied with the help of technological tools that have developed to eliminate accumulated fat and fat in areas that are difficult to lose that does not require any surgical procedures. A method called cold lipolysis has been introduced because people stay still during the day which causes them to gain weight.
The cold lipolysis method consists of fragmenting fat that has accumulated around the nerves, muscle tissues and bones by cooling without damaging any other parts. When fat cells are cooled, they undergo a planned cell death, namely they undergo apoptosis. Since this method is done in one session, it is a method that will not intervene much with daily activities. Furthermore, the fat loss with this method is permanent and no surgical procedures are required. This method does not require needles or injections either. It does not cause any discomfort and the application is very comfortable. Age is not a criteria for the application of this method. It can be applied to people of all ages. Cold lipolysis device is a technology that uses a special hand piece that applies a low temperature vacuum massage. First, adipose tissue temperatures are raised and then suddenly lowered by -10 degrees. It takes approximately 1 hour. The temperature of fat tissues is dropped to -10 degrees and they enter planned apoptosis and are reduced in size until they have no effect and cannot return to their original form. This method which is carried out with a previously unheard of technology is recommended because it is very comfortable. During the treatment, a personalized pad is laid out so that the skin does not touch the cold lipolysis part. Those who apply this treatment usually display great diligence in their work. The cold lipolysis method can be used in any area where the hand apparatus is applicable such as the legs, buttocks, back and waist. Sometimes one session can be enough, sometimes more than one session can be needed. Compared with other methods, the cold lipolysis method is considered to be more comfortable, reliable and more technological. After the treatment, your skin will feel firmer and younger. Furthermore, when this method is applied it feels cool and refreshing because of its cooling process.