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What is liposuction, who can get it and how is it done?

Liposuction, in other words, the method of removing fat, which has accumulated in certain parts of the body (face, hips, thighs, abdomen) and does not respond to slimming methods such as diets, is a professional method for the elimination of resistant fat tissues and thus shaping the body lines. This fat elimination method aims to remove resistant fat that has accumulated in various body parts and make them compatible with the other parts of the body.
Some criteria such as having a diet program, continuing to do sports, and not undergoing a constant change in weight are sought in individuals to whom liposuction method will be applied. The candidate for the liposuction method must have realistic expectations. It is important that the person does not expect to lose weight. The fat removal method does not ensure weight loss. The fat removal method is the elimination of fat tissues that resist slimming methods in certain parts of the body and the correction of body lines. The elasticity of the skin of the person to whom the liposuction method will be applied is also important. The more elastic the skin is, the better the results. Age is also important in this regard, albeit not much. This is because the younger the person, the more elastic the skin is. Individuals of advanced age who want to have this method applied should first go through a skin lifting procedure. Other than this, this method is applicable to almost anyone who is not pregnant or breastfeeding, who does not have any health problems. Furthermore, it is very important to report if you have recently undergone any surgery or had a disease to your surgeon before undergoing Liposuction. If there is such a situation and you attempt to undergo a procedure without sharing these facts with your doctor, it may be risky for you. Therefore, you need to be diligent in this case. There are various methods of performing liposuction. One example is the laser method. In the Laser Method, stubborn fat that refuse to be eliminated by slimming methods are melted with a laser. Subsequently, several millimeter incisions are opened and the liquefied fat is vacuumed. Or a laser method called laserlipo, which is a more advanced method can be used. In this method, liquefied fat is eliminated with the help of the liver or kidneys instead of the vacuuming process. In another liposuction method, stubborn fat that is resistant is eliminated from the body by opening a few millimeter incisions to fragment the fat by various methods and are vacuumed with the help of cannulas or syringes.
It should be remembered that the liposuction method is not used for weight loss. It is used to eliminate liquefied resistant fat which should not exceed more than 4 or 5 liters. Before applying this method, you should discuss this issue in detail with your plastic surgeon.