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What is Lip Filler?

Many people who do not like the thinness of their lips and want to change this situation prefer to have a lip filling. Lip filling, which makes lips look much more shapely and plump, is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures. Since no surgery is involved, most do not hesitate to have this procedure done. So what is lip filling and what is done during the procedure?
Lip filling is the treatment carried out to give thin lips a more shapely and attractive appearance. Thanks to the dermal fillers injected into the lip and around the lips, the lips have a much more pleasing appearance. This procedure, which is preferred by many women today, is very useful and gives successful results. Lip filling must be done by an expert in the field. Contrary to expectations, a lip filling made by inexperienced and uninformed people can produce very poor results.

Why are Permanent Lip Fillers used?
Lip filling is a process that makes lips look fuller and shapelier. Thanks to this procedure, which is preferred by many women today, it is possible to have more shapely and attractive lips. Another issue that has frequently come to the fore recently is permanent lip filling. Permanent lip filling is slightly different than other procedures.
Lip filling made with dermal fillings gives the lips a much more attractive and shapely appearance. Most people want these fillings to be permanent and remain effective over time. The difference of permanent lip filling from other processes is the material used during filling. Using collagen and oil filling is less risky and does not pose a risk in terms of allergic reactions. The only handicap of this procedure is that the filler loses its effect after a while and the lips are restored to their former shape. If you want to have an effective lip filling for a short time, you can choose a collagen and oil injection. Artecoll is slightly different from other filling materials and contains an allergic risk factor. This allergy risk filler is much longer lasting than other injections and preferred by patients who want a long-lasting lip filling.
Lip Filling Prices
Lip filling is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures in the present day. The materials used during lip filling, which are effective for a certain period of time, affect the permanence of the process. Therefore, it would be best to talk to your doctor and express clearly what kind of filling you want. Another point that needs to be investigated before having this procedure is the price. Lip filling prices may vary depending on the doctor and aesthetic center. Some companies can quote very low prices, but this does not mean that the material is reliable. You should carefully choose the doctor or aesthetic center because the material used and the way the procedure is carried out can harm your health. Lip filling, which can give quite successful results, can also cause allergic reactions and poor results. Therefore, it is recommended that a detailed research is carried out instead of relying on very affordable or very expensive companies.
After Lip Filling
It is impossible not to notice the change that occurs after lip filling has been made. Thanks to lip filling, which gives the lips a shapelier and attractive appearance, even the facial expression and facial features of the person begin to look more meaningful. You do not need to stay in the hospital or deal with stitches after lip filling, which can be made with different filling materials. Lip filling with a simple anesthetic takes a very short time.

People who have lip fillers can return to their normal lives without losing time. However, it is important to avoid robust chewing movements and facial mimics for at least 2 hours after the procedure. In addition, very hot and very cold foods should be avoided for these two hours. Very rarely, edema or swelling can occur after the procedure and this ends within a few days at the latest.
What Are The Advantages Of Needle-Free Lip Filling?
One of the most popular procedures of recent times is to have needle-free lip filling. During needle-free lip filling, no puncture is made into the lip with a needle and a device called a ‘hyaluron pen’ is used. Bruising and swelling can be observed in needle injections, albeit rarely. A hyaluron pen is a device manufactured to end these situations and it is used very often. The pen injects the injected fluid under the skin at a rate of one third of a second at ultra high pressure, so that the patient does not feel pain or discomfort. Preferring needle-free procedures for lip filling eliminates conditions such as pain, discomfort, as well as resolves edema, bruising and swelling. If you want to have an easy and painless lip filling, you can consider getting a needle-free lip filling.

Natural Lip Fillers
The most important point of getting natural lip filling is injecting the appropriate amount of filling material. Excessive injection can result in undesirable results in lip filling. Insufficient use of filling material can not fulfill the expectations of the patient. That is why the filling material should be used in an appropriate amount by a qualified doctor or esthetician. An injection made in the right proportion will make the lips look both natural and full. Many people get desirable lips thanks to lip filling.