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What is Cellulite, Why does it happen and How is it Treated ?

Cellulite, which is caused by the irregular placement of fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the majority of women and a small part of men, thus causing profound deformation. Cellulite makes the skin look like orange peel. There are multiple reasons for the formation of cellulite, but the main reason is the accumulation of fat. If the skin looks like n orange peel, a doctor should be consulted for cellulite treatment.
Although the main factor in the formation of cellulite is fat accumulation, there are many factors that accelerate this situation. Some of these are smoking and drinking, habits of any kind that are harmful to the body. Smoking causes many harmful impacts to the body and one of them is cellulite formation. Smoking disrupts the circulation of small vessels and causes extra edema to accumulate. Irregular nutrition and obesity also cause cellulite. Irregular nutrition causes weight gain and consequently increases fat accumulation. Fat accumulation also causes cellulite. Stress, one of the biggest problems of today’s youth, causes cellulite. A person who is stressed increases the generation of the hormone cortisol, that is, the stress hormone and other similar hormones cause more fat to be stored. This is the way cellulite is formed. Circulation in our body is also important in cellulite formation. Tight clothing slows the circulation and causes cellulite to form. Minimal exercise and a stationary lifestyle slows circulation, so cellulite forms. After cellulite forms, it is of course necessary to treat it and there are multiple treatment methods. One of these methods is massage and press therapy. Its effect lasts a short time, however, edema is removed from the vascular tissues that expand and relax with the help of a manual massage or massage with a device. In the treatment of cellulite with ultrasound, the elimination of the trapped fluid, that is, edema, is reduced by breaking down the fat with sound waves. Different substances are used to accelerate blood flow or fat is burned. Cellulite can be treated this way, but it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor before using these substances.
Cellulite treatment should be investigated thoroughly to determine whether the treatment is reliable. Treatment should definitely not be initiated without consulting a good doctor. The most logical way to avoid dealing with the treatment process is to look for ways to prevent cellulite. Regular nutrition and sports should be made into a lifestyle.