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What are Cheek fillers?

Cheek filling is one of the non-surgical aesthetic procedures preferred by many people. Cheek filling is a procedure consisting of injecting filling material to give the face a more shapely and beautiful appearance. Cheeks are considered the key to youth and beauty. Cheeks that have started to sag and look worn out over the years can be improved with the application of some techniques to give the face a lively and young look again.
Cheek filling is an application that can be done with non-surgical techniques. In some cases, cheek filling, which is also done with the help of surgical procedures, is preferred by many people. Generally, the injection technique is preferred and hyaluronic acid is applied to the cheek area of the patient to give the cheeks the desired appearance.

How is Cheek Filling done?
Cheek filling is both a surgical and non-surgical application. This application, which can benefit from both techniques, is very effective. The cheeks get their desired form and the face gets a fresh look with the help of filling material applied to the cheeks.
Hyaluronic acid is generally used in the structuring of cheek filling. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid injected under the skin, the cheeks achieve the desired size and maintain this look temporarily. Cheek filling is a very popular and preferred application. Aesthetic problems of the face are treated in a short time thanks to cheek filling and the face gets the desired look.

Cheek Filling Prices
Getting a cheek filling has been a popular practice lately. This technique preferred by many people is applied by doctors or estheticians. When you want to have a cheek filling, the way to get clear price information is to contact a doctor. Cheek filling prices may vary according to the process to be applied and filling material to be used. At this point, what you need to pay attention to is that the person doing the application is competent. Cheek filling applications carried out by companies that quote very low prices will not be successful and can cause you grief. Therefore, you should choose your doctor well and conduct a detailed price research when you plan on having a cheek filling.

Those who have had Cheek Filling
Most individuals who have cheek fillings say that this procedure is very useful and gives successful results. Cheek filling is made to solve any aesthetic problems occurring in the cheek area. Most individuals who have cheek fillings are not satisfied with their cheek area or think that this area has started to sag. The cheek area loses its former vitality with age which gives a tired look. As a result, individuals aim to correct this by having their cheeks filled. Cheek filling has been applied to many people until today and has yielded successful results.
Before Cheek Filling
Many people think their face looks sagging and tired before having a cheek filling. In addition, any sagging and problems in the cheek area affects the entire face. There is an unmistakable difference between a face with and without cheek filling. To see this difference, it is enough to look carefully at before and after application pictures side by side. Expressions and facial structures of individuals are very different before and after cheek filling.

After Cheek Filling
Significant changes occur in the face of people who have cheek fillings. A person’s look, facial expressions and even the structure of his face change after the cheek area has been treated at the desired level. After the cheek filling, many individuals say that they are satisfied with the procedure and that they saw the effects of filling in a short time. There may be some things to consider after having cheek filling. Sometimes, conditions such as redness, swelling and bruising may be observed after cheek filling. These side effects disappear in a short time and the face takes the desired form. The important thing is to stay away from compelling mimics and food that needs vigorous chewing during the first hours of application. Eating very hard foods and making challenging facial expressions are not good for the redness and prolong the time it takes for the filling to settle. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to these points after application.

What Cheek Filling Techniques are there?
Cheek filling is usually done by injecting hyaluronic acid. In some cases cheeks are filled by using surgical procedures to benefit from the effect in both techniques. The procedures in the injection technique are as follows:
 Firstly, the amount of hyaluronic acid to be injected into the cheek is adjusted.
 The cheek area is balanced backwards and the cheeks are raised slightly.
 Hyaluronic acid is applied to desired areas and prevented from reaching other areas.
The cheek filling application is completed once the above steps are completed. Hard foods and excessive mimics must be avoided for several hours after the application. At the end of the elapsed time, the person can return to his normal life. Cheek filling continues its effect for about 1.5 years. This period can be longer and shorter depending on the filling material used and the skin structure of the person.
Things to Consider in Cheek Filling
The most important point to be considered when planning a cheek filling is the choice of doctor. The fact that your doctor understands you and your expectations increases the quality of your results. The amount of injection is determined according to your wishes and your doctor will complete the application in a short time. This way, you can have the cheeks you desire. Hyaluronic acid used in the application is completely harmless to the body and is a suitable filling material for the skin. This way, you can both give your cheeks the shape you want and prevent your skin from damage. Since cheek filling is not a permanent application, you really do not need to take big risks or be fearful.