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Spot Slimming With Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is a special method for spot slimming and pressure therapy, designed for accelerating the circulation in the body with the lymph drainage method, detox therapy and spot slimming. A kind of garment that covers the body used during the pressotherapy application, starting from the feet applies pressure to pressure points in the arms, hips and abdomen with the help of a computer. A kind of lymphatic drainage and detox is applied with this special garment that surrounds the body by affecting lymph and vascular circulation under the skin through a series of special vacuums and pumps known as a pressotherapy device.
This special pressure suit used in pressotherapy application has five pressure application areas. These pressure points under the skin apply intermittent pressure to stimulate vascular, muscle tissue and lymph circulation. During the pressotherapy treatment, first, pressure continues to increase in the calves, legs, hips, abdomen and chest, respectively. Pressotherapy treatment sessions take approximately thirty minutes on average. In order to get the positive result you want for spot slimming, it is recommended that you attend one session per week for at least two months. The benefits of pressotherapy treatments are weight loss, spot slimming and weight loss as well as effective detoxing. It has a rejuvenating feature. It also provides benefits in the treatment of varicose veins as it accelerates the circulation in the capillaries and lymphatic system. It can even be said that it is a definitive treatment method for varicose veins. It also treats the accumulation of fat and water caused by excess weight in the hip and leg area, and accelerates regional metabolism by providing more oxygen to the skin and body areas that need spot slimming. The definitive solution for wrinkles and stretch marks is pressotherapy. Excessive application of pressotherapy recommended as a drug-free spot slimming and cellulite treatment should be avoided.
Excessive and intense pressotherapy application has the risk of thrombosis in capillaries. In addition, it is necessary to avoid excessive application to cellulite. Unfortunately, unnecessary and excessive application can make cellulite vulnerable to infection. Furthermore, it is not recommended for cardiac patients. We recommend that if you have any health problems, you should have a doctor’s checkup.