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Spot Slimming with Cold Radiofrequency

Thanks to its powerful cooling system Cold Radiofrequency comprised of radiofrequency technology combined with infrared rays, is a method that can be applied without any surgical scars or any incisions. Cold radiofrequency can be applied to treat body and facial sagging that occurs as an inevitable part of ageing, skin rejuvenation and to treat cellulite treatment as well as for the treatment of stretch marks in the butt, breasts, abdomen and waist area.
A coldness below zero must be obtained to enable cold treatment with cold radiofrequency. Thus, cold lifting creates a cold hot effect. Cold radiofrequency application causes the temperature in deep tissues to increase and cause a shock effect while the application of cold has a shock effect on the skin. This thermal shock application causes the skin to tension, dilates the vessels and provides deep detox with the increase of oxygen in the skin. At the same time, this thermal shock promotes tissue contraction as well as an increase in elastin and collagen production, creating a sudden lifting effect with bloodless surgery. Since cold radiofrequency application is carried out at subzero temperature, it gives more energy as well as faster, safer and more effective results. It is possible to cope with problems such as cellulite, localized fat deposits, facial and body sagging that occur over the years with cold radiofrequency application. While cold radiofrequency application increases the production of collagen and elastin, it also increases fat burning and thereby strengthens the dermis structure, melts the subcutaneous adipose tissue and increases circulation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and facilitates the excretion of toxic substances and fat. As a result of this mechanism of action, cold radiofrequency reduces cellulite and shapes the body by reducing its volume. In addition to all this, the treatment rejuvenates the skin and increases the tissue tonus while reducing sagging.
Various studies show that the effects of cold radiofrequency treatment are long-lasting. The cold radiofrequency application, which is painless and bloodless can be seen quickly after the procedure, it can be applied at any time of the year and to all skin types. People who have skin cancer, a pacemaker, are pregnant, breastfeeding, undergoing cortisone therapy, have silicone or metal implants, epilepsy and dermatitis are not suitable candidates for cold radiofrequency. Therefore, it is recommended that the treatment is carried out by a specialist and that two liters of water are consumed after the treatment. The number of sessions can vary from five to eight, while the interval between sessions should be approximately seven days.