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Radiofrequency Technology and Applicable Therapies

The electromagnetic energy that travels through the skin is called radiofrequency. This electromagnetic energy starts to generate heat when it encounters resistance along the path it travels. The amount of heat produced this way depends on the amount of encountered resistance, the amount of current and the technical characteristics of the electrodes. It is possible to treat skin and subcutaneous tissues using radio waves. Numerous treatments can be carried out both in the field of aesthetics and medicine with Radiofrequency. Radiofrequency can be applied in many areas such as pain relief, skin rejuvenation and spot slimming.
Radiofrequency has different uses in the body and face which can be applied with different nozzles. It can be applied in summer as well as winter. It does not cause sensitivity to the sun. Some changes start to occur in the collagen structure of skin after the thirties, and this change continues to increase over time, causing lines to form on the skin as well as sagging. With the application of radiofrequency, skin and subcutaneous tissues are increased, fibroblasts are stimulated in connective tissue with the effect of generated heat, and regeneration is ensured and circulation is regulated. Tissues come to life, skin tightens, lines are reduced and the skin recovers. The changes incurred after a radiofrequency application for facial rejuvenation is visible immediately after the first session. The following sessions of treatment make the results even more visible. The comfortable application takes about thirty minutes on average and eight or ten sessions are required for treatment. Radiofrequency is applied to the body to eliminate fat and treat cellulite. The application is mostly applied to the legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms. Radiofrequency application, which has fat-melting features, reaches high temperatures in subcutaneous fat tissues and causes fat tissue to melt. The metabolism is accelerated in the area where the application is carried out and blood circulation also increases. The exposed fats are removed through the lymph nodes and blood circulation. The radiofrequency application, which has a controlled effect on tissues and does not affect daily life after application, does not cause bleeding, bruising and pain in the application area.
Radiofrequency for pain treatment is carried out by disabling nerve conduction fibers in the painful area.