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Beautifying with VShape

Vshape is an FDA approved technology developed to be used to tighten and recover tissue that has lost its elastic structure to shape the face, neck, face lifting, facial rejuvenation, spot slimming, jowls, neck and chin area. The jaw and lower face area is narrow and tight, while the cheekbones are evident in a v-shaped face structure before age progresses. The facial structure expands and sags and takes the shape of a u as a result of weight gain and aging. As a result of this expansion and sagging, a tired expression appears on the face. At this point, vshape comes into play and allows you to get rid of this problem without face rejuvenation and lifting without surgery.
Lifting is achieved by heating the collagen fibers in the deep layers of the skin by using a combination of cold ultrasound and radiofrequency. Ultrasound waves generated with cold ultrasound shake and fragment the large fat cells and do this by focusing only on the fat cells. It is not like the unhealthy and less pricy cavitation processes available on the market. Vshape treatment takes on average twenty or twenty five minutes on average per session, and it is painless. You can feel yourself in the comfort of a hot stone massage during the application. You do not have to wait long to see the results of the application. It is possible to see visible positive results at the end of the first session. The whole treatment will take up to four or six sessions depending on the intensity of the skin problem. With Vshape, surgical facelift is performed approximately ten or fourteen days apart. It is enough to repeat the application once per year in order to maintain the obtained result from the application and to reinforce the treatment.

It is also possible to slim and lose localized excesses with Vshape and deal with cellulite. The application is the only ultrasound and radiofrequency system that combines cold ultrasound and radiofrequency systems, as for the face lift and rejuvenation procedure, by targeting and eliminating fat cells in the body.